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7 Ways To Make Your Brand Shine With Email Marketing

How to make your brand shine using compelling email marketing - a quick guide to ensure your email marketing is on-brand and wows your audience.

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Email marketing forms a central part of any business growth story. Email marketing today remains the most cost-effective way of interacting with customers. The undivided attention you have of your customer when your email is open in their palms or on their computer can be replaced with no other marketing medium. Today, we share 7 ways you can make your brand shine with email marketing.  

Connect your business

As the very first step, you must bring your audience, brand and data together. In order to communicate more effectively from one place by you need your brand assets and audience and business data together so you can tailor your messages to your customers. Creating such a connected stack allows you to be productive and message consistently. 


tinyEmail makes it incredibly easy to bring all your brand identity, audience, data together within minutes by automatically detecting your branding and recognizing the tools you already use for your business and recommending the right integrations for you. 

Ensure brand consistency

Consistency in branding is critical to keeping your brand in your audience’s mind and ensuring that it is easily recognizable. Your customers should be able to tell your brand apart just by looking at the colours in your email, recognizing your brand fonts and spotting your logo.

Take some time to craft and study your brand identity. What colours and font do you want to use for your brand? Choose them and incorporate them into your brand kit. 


tinyEmail makes this simple to do by automatically scanning your website for your brand identity and third-party integrations. When signing up, add your website to your profile information and let tinyEmail do the heavy lifting for you.

Send visually stunning emails

How you look to your audience is so critical that when done well, it’s usually half your sales effort. Ideally, you should be able to create stunning emails that look your brand look like a pro without writing any code. Having access to. large library of professionally designed templates that you can make your own can be massively helpful and both a time and money saver. 


We have made it easy for you to beautiful looking emails that are also highly functional using our Drag&Drop email builder. There’s also a growing library of hundreds of hand-crafted designer templates at your disposal. 

Make sure your products look amazing in your emails

As much as your emails are to promote your products and services to your customers, you should also make it very easy for them to buy. Email marketing generating 35 times return on investment. By adding a visual product element to your emails where customers can see a product, it’s images, description, price and any discounts, they can make that crucial purchase decision right in their inboxes. From there, a sale is just a click away. 



tinyEmail makes this super simple to do. All you need to do is to insert the URL to your product as well as any other relevant information and watch it transform into a clickable interactive card available to your customers right in their inbox. Product cards typically consist of the product image, price, description and a call to action.

Customize messages for mobile

85% of email users access their emails from smartphones. Creating responsive emails with your mobile customers in mind is only half the step. The next is to really customize the mobile experience, not just how your email content is laid out. Maybe you want certain deals to show only on mobile devices or you want to hide a section on mobile that makes more sense when your customer is on a computer.


On tinyEmail you can use our creative studio to design emails that are responsive to mobile or even edit images to show up in the desired way on mobile screens. You can also set conditional rules on entire sections of your email that show differently based on where the email is opened.

Introduce consistency in your messages

Often, businesses need to reuse content. These are banners, call-to-action, promotional elements or even legal disclaimers. Ensuring consistency in these blocks not only drives trust and confidence in your brand, but it also saves your business significant time if you can save and reuse such repeated content blocks.



On tinyEmail, you can incorporate any number and types of saved blocks, like a fun-fact blocks, about us blocks or even product of the week blocks you can repeat in every newsletter you send. Experiment as much as you need to until you find out what sticks with your customers.

Get interactive with your emails

Given the incredible ROI and engagement on email, the next big frontier is making emails interactive so as to drive even more value for customers and increase your sales. AMP for Email is an exclusive technology that only some email marketing providers support today (tinyEmail is one of them!). 

AMP is a game-changing technology available in emails that allow your customers to see and interact with live data. For instance, you can include countdown timers, forms, polls, carousels and slideshows among a host of other interactive features. The possibilities are endless. Your customers no longer have to leave their inboxes to interact with your emails. You can show them what they need to see in real-time, right in their inbox. 

There are so many practical use cases for AMP in marketing your products to clients. tinyEmail has native support for AMP, however, not all email service providers do. Check with your email service provider and explore tinyEmail for AMP support if they don’t.

Wrapping it up

For your brand to stand out through email marketing, it requires a bit more investment of time and resources than simply sending out bulk emails. Segmenting and personalization are great ways to start. To dive deeper though, you need to spend time integrating the tools and platforms you use into tinyEmail. This helps you send better and more informed emails that your customers like. Then, craft some visually appealing emails from our template library that are customized to mobile. Lastly, make your emails interactive with AMP features that allow your customers to respond without leaving their inboxes. Implement these in your next campaign and see the difference for yourself.

Yaw Biney

Yaw Biney

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