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One Tiny Step, One Giant Leap

What is TinyEmail, why we built it, and why should you, as smart marketers care about it.

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There are these email marketing tools.

There are more email marketing tools out there that you can care for. We get it; we are marketers, product evangelists, and entrepreneurs who also suffer from the abundance of choice and limited time. In the last year alone, before working on TinyEmail, we used seven different email marketing tools between the team members in our separate professional roles. The funny thing is that no two of us could agree on a platform that was in any significant way better than the others.

You create emails based on a handful of cookie-cutter templates or choose from terrible designs that seem like they are from the 90’s Handbook of Email Design for Dummies. Upload a file containing email lists and send. Hallelujah!

Sure, there are some pretty surprises in some of them; maybe you can group contacts based on some data, or you can select the timezone of a person. Maybe they come with pretty forms to collect email addresses. The buck, however, stops there. The features and their limitations between these platforms are near identical, and it lands up being a choice of pricing or who does a better job of hunting you down with online ads.

Then there are marketing automation suites.

If your needs are anything more sophisticated than glorified mail merge blasts that you could as well do with excel files with little effort, you find yourself in the world of marketing automation “suites”.

Numerous bells and whistles, knobs and bolts, features upon features, spaceship controls and maybe a time machine or nuclear control panel thrown in for good measure. Perhaps you need that shiny new domain with your email tools? What about building an entire eCommerce store? Landing pages? Popups? Chat? The problem with these marketing suits of products is that they seldom do anything well while claiming to do it all for you while costing you an arm and a leg.

But the tool overload, design, branding, cost and bloat problems persist.

From enterprise software suits to sleek-looking new tools, we tried it all. In today’s world of connectivity, ease of getting started with a business and taking your ideas to the millions, it still is incredibly hard to do the fundamentals of intelligent, scalable marketing.

The problem with tool overload and integrations

From integrating your audiences to flowing data between the different services you use for your business, the tool stack for a modern marketer is ever-growing because solutions are fragmented. We often find ourselves exporting data and uploading files to multiple services to ensure critical business information flows accurately.

The design and branding challenge

If you want your marketing messages to look amazing and your brand to remain consistent across different channels, you either hire an entire design team or compromise.

The cost problem

Email and automation tools today are expensive. You have to either deal with severely limited “free” offerings with a few hundred subscribers or email volume limits or quickly upgrade to hundreds of dollars to send a few thousand emails a month. Or worse, lock yourself into a binding contract.

The bloat problem

Say money was not a concern, and you have a fantastic team of designers and developers at your disposal. The bloat problem remains. You purchase a phenomenal-sounding toolset, and it promises to revolutionize your marketing. Several months later, you are still on-boarding yourself and do not use more than half the features.

Marketers should focus on delivering their message, not on plumbing or cost management.

It is a noisy world. There’s ad fatigue, and every day, your customers and prospects are receiving more spam in their inboxes. Social media is chaotic and increasingly fragmented, while advertising costs are soaring. Getting your message across, being contextually relevant and capturing your audience’s attention should be the primary focus for marketers, not cost optimization, building pipes between different tools and struggling with messaging consistency.

Mad Libs — the world's greatest word game.

What if you could Mad Libs your marketing? What if you could provide the most critical building blocks of your brand and what a marketing tool did was instead of adding items to your to-do list, it filled in the gaps so you can focus on what matters most — delivering the right message? That’s TinyEmail: a platform that’s like Mad Libs for marketing.

It starts with a better home for your brand

When you sign up with TinyEmail, we automatically fetch in brand style and identify the tools you use for your business. The brand style sits in your Brand Kit that automatically tailors email templates to your business. You can say its brand consistency out of the box.

Based on the tools we detect on your website, we recommend integrations that you should set up. Many of these are simple one-click integrations that automatically pull in data for you and automate the sync of your data from the multiple tools you are already using.

Based on the tools we detect on your website, we recommend integrations that you should set up. Many of these are simple one-click integrations that automatically pull in data for you.

A framework for the world’s most popular marketing channel

Just like you don’t bake bricks to build your home, marketers should not need to create design elements from scratch every time they send out a campaign. Common components like product cards, banners, feeds, and more are built-in so you don’t have to add images, text and buttons to create something bigger and meaningful each time. What’s more, you can save as many content blocks as you’d like for future use.

We made dynamic, code-less interactive emails a reality

Emails should be anything but static and yet that’s how it is unless you have a developer on your team with specific email-centric experience. Inserting image carousels, accordions, countdown timers and more is as easy as dragging and dropping a text block. We have taken the complexity, coding requirements and endless testing out of the picture with interactive modules already prebuilt for you.

Breaking price monopoly

Let’s talk about pricing a bit again. There’s a price-gouging monopoly when it comes to marketing automation software. Free or starter plans are ridiculously restrictive with the number of contacts you can have or come with email volume limitations along with layers upon layers of feature usage limits. 

We believe a good product attracts and retains users without having to force payments. That’s why we created plans that break this mould. With TinyEmail’s free-forever account, you get 25,000 emails free per month. With unlimited subscribers. Now beat that!

Migrations made ridiculously easy

Migrating service providers and tools are not easy. We get that. There are manual data exports, ensuring there are no bad emails or duplicates, uploading them into your new provider and tons more. We solved this. You can migrate your data directly from some of the most commonly used email platforms without having to export anything. Just type in your credentials and we do the rest.

Don’t see a tool you use among our automatic integrations? Our AI-assisted tools make data imports extremely easy. The import wizard takes care of finding errors in your file, catching duplicate data, wrong email addresses and more.

Don’t see a tool you use among our automatic integrations? Our AI-assisted tools make data imports extremely easy. The import wizard takes care of finding errors in your file, catching duplicate data, wrong email addresses and more.

We are only getting started.

We used every popular marketing automation tool out there. We got tired of over-tooling, spending hours figuring out how they worked and paying a premium for the trouble. There had to be a better way.

So what are we building next? Our product roadmap can be bucketed into three main frontiers of exploration — better audience management tools, automation and omnichannel messaging. Visit Tiny Labs to know more about out what we are up to.

Make the switch.

TinyEmail makes smart marketing effortless and affordable. Our tools are designed to take the complexity out of personalised messaging. Take TinyEmail for a ride, let us know what you love or hate about it, how we can improve it and how we can help your business grow. It's going to be one fun ride, we promise!

— From the Tiny Humans

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