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Term: List Hygiene

Definition of the term "List Hygiene"

List hygiene is the process of keeping your email list clean and engaged. This means removing subscribes who have bounced (hard or soft), or who haven’t interacted with your emails in a long time. It’s important to do this regularly to maintain healthy deliverability rates.
In addition to list hygiene, it’s also good practice to reach out to your subscribers periodically to make sure they’re still interested in receiving emails. You can also verify addresses before sending to ensure campaign success. Following these best practices will help increase email deliverability and allow you to see the success of your campaign!

Quick Tip About List Hygiene

1. Confirm subscriptions with a double opt-in process to ensure that your recipients want to hear from you. 2. Remove addresses that have never engaged, so you can focus on communicating with those who are interested in what you have to say. 3. Clean up your list regularly and keep it fresh so that your messages reach the most relevant audience possible.

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