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Term: Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Definition of the term "Two Factor Authentication (2FA)"

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is a method of verification used when signing in to an account to keep it more secure. 2FA is when, after the normal signing process of adding your username and password, you are required to enter in another method to confirm your identity. This second factor can be something that only you know, like a PIN or a password, or something that only you have, like a physical token or your smartphone. 2FA is an important security measure because it makes it much harder for someone to gain access to your account if they don’t have both factors. Even if they stealing your password, they won’t be able to login unless they also have your second factor. For this reason, 2FA is becoming more common for online accounts like email, social media, and banking. If you’re not already using 2FA for your most important accounts, it’s something to consider turning on to help keep your information more secure.

Quick Tip About Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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