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Time left to deliver your message to the moon

The distance from Earth to the Moon is 384,400 kms (238,900 miles). The average speed at which a conventional mail van travels is 40kms/hr (24 miles/hr). Normally, the mail man can realistically stretch to 8 hours of driving per day. But let's say our ace Tiny Bot does the driving who can keep up to 20 hours a day, covering about 800 Kms (roughly 500 miles). At this rate, the following is how long your mail will take to get deliver to the moon.


🥳 Happy April Fool's Day! 🎉

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Thankfully some things take way lesser time...

Our product roadmap can be bucketed into three main frontiers of exploration — better audience management tools, automation and omnichannel messaging. But no matter what we build for you, our most important ethos is speed

Just in the last six months, we have delivered over five new major features, 50+ amazing templates and countless enhancements to the products. Welcome to the future of rapid evolution

When you use tinyEmail, you can be sure that you are on the fastest developing marketing tool out there. Go ahead, take us for the ride!

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Segment your audience based on engagement and other data so you can send contextually relevant messages.


Automated sequence of emails to your audiences so you can nurture your customers the you want to through a series of messages.

Triggered messages

“When this happens, do that!” We all love automations. And we are bringing that to tinyEmail so you can set up triggered messages.

Prebuilt audiences

Convenient and curated audiences that are prebuilt just for you so you can save time on operations and instead focus on your messaging.