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tinyEmail makes smart marketing effortless and affordable. Our tools are designed to take the complexity out of personalised messaging.​

15,000 emails free emails. Full-featured 7-day trial.

Grow without limits on a powerful and intuitive platform. Get your free-forever account.

Send up to 15,000 emails/mo

Kickstart your brand’s growth or scale your operations with 15,000 free emails per month on a free-forever account after trial.

Grow with unlimited subscribers

Don’t limit your audience with constrained contact and subscriber plans. Import and manage your entire audience with us.

Integrate with over 300 platforms

Make it all happen by connecting with over 300 apps and services online that you already use for your business.

Mad Libs your marketing

Market smarter with tinyEmail.

tinyEmail is like Mad Libs for marketing. Bring in your audience and brand assets and get stunning, on-brand messages created for you automatically.

Easily send on-brand messages every time.

tinyEmail automatically customizes stunning on-brand templates for you saving you hours of work each time you want to send a campaign. What’s more? Save and reuse content blocks tailored perfectly to you.

Create stunning emails effortlessly.

Hands-down the most powerful and intuitive drag and drop email editor on the planet. Create 100% mobile-friendly emails and newsletters in minutes without writing a single line of code. 

Send relevant emails with audience segmentation.

Our powerful and intuitive segmentation tool helps you use subscriber data and analytics to create unique groups that you can personalize your messages to.

Do a lot more than send pretty messages.​

Add interactions, dynamic content, display rules and real-time content to your messages without coding.

Be more relevant to your audience using dynamic content.

Ensure your messages stay relevant longer and drive up conversions by delivering content that is contextual to your readers. Our dynamic content blocks can change in real-time based on your custom rules.

Add interactive modules to your emails without coding.

Add timers, image carousels, product cards, banners and complex content blocks that render perfectly in mobile as well as desktop browsers. Without writing any code straight from our drag and drop email editor.

Bring all your data together.

Market smarter by knowing what's working for your business on a per-subscriber and audience source level. Getting a deep understanding of your email performance has never been easier.

Automatically connect and bring all your subscribers in one place.

Connect all your audience sources even if you aren’t actively marketing to them yet so you can see how they are growing. Keep a live pulse on your entire subscriber base from one place.

Effortlessly migrate your data without any heavy lifting.

We have built direct connections with many marketing platforms that allow you to migrate your audience with a single click. No more CSV exports are needed. If you do import manually, our AI-assisted data import wizard make the process a breeze.

Understand what's working at a glance so you can market smarter.

Know how your campaigns are doing, which audience is growing and responding to your messages and what your engagement rate is like on a per-subscriber level. With granular data, you can react and learn from your campaigns much faster and more effectively.

Even more to grow your audience, build relationships and get sales.

Add complex data modules to your messages right from your drag and drop builder. Collect user feedback, interaction feeds and do more with your email and integrations.

We get you into inboxes

State-of-the-art deliverability optimization and inbox placement enhancements ensure emails will reach the inbox.

Template library

Professionally designed templates with a growing library of branded templates to get your campaigns off the ground.

Creative studio

An entire image editing studio built in that lets you create gorgeous email and social media assets.

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