Take a walk into the wild side of TinyEmail.

Welcome to TinyEmail Labs. This is where you get a sneakpeek at what's cooking underneath the hood.

Why we build what we build.

We used every popular marketing automation tool out there. We got tired of over-tooling, spending hours figuring out how they worked and paying a premium for the trouble. There had to be a better way.

A marketing platform built by marketers.

TinyEmail is created by group of people who understand marketing the challenges that modern day marketers face.

Tools should be used to create amazing things.

We believe tools should help create amazing brands and growing businesses. Not to be stuck in a loop of over-tooling. 

We put experience first, profit second.

When it comes to making a choice between improving customer experience and making a profit, we pick the first. Every single time.

So what are we building?

Our product roadmap can be bucketed into three main frontiers of exploration — better audience management tools, automation and omnichannel messaging. 

Segments and programmatic audiences.

We are building more intuitive and powerful audience management, enhancement and analytical tools that will allow you to better understand and market to your audience.


Segmentation is beyond mere nested lists and groups. We are building tools that will allow you to mix and match audiences based on traits, engagement and purchase metrics.

We are layering in big-data-driven programmatic and predictive traits to your audience including demographic information, purchase intent and a complete recommendation engine.

Marketing automation and messaging sequences.

Our next frontier is the planet of marketing automation and sequenced messaging. Where pre-built and customizable messaging workflows work to make your life easier.


The first step would be to build complex sequences that are incredibly easy to personalize and execute. True to TinyEmail way of doing things, these would be tailored to your brand.

A better automation engine that does not break at every node and does not take days to build out. That’s what is being built as TinyEmail automation workflows.

Omnichannel communications and personalized messaging.

The third frontier is omnichannel messaging so that you can send on-brand, personalized and automated messages across channels.


Your audience is spending more and more time on mobile and mobile-centric apps. We are building tools to reach them where they spend most of their time.

Soon you will be able to send push notifications on desktop and PWA mobile sites along with on-site chat.

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