Focus on your message. Automate the rest.

TinyEmail™ automates data integration and omnichannel communication so you can optimize on your messaging.

Get started free. Unlimited contacts. 25,000 emails per month.

Mad Libs your marketing.

Tiny Email is like Mad Libs for your marketing. Fill in what matters most— your message. Let us provide you with the rest; from audiences to templates and automation sequences.


Bring in everything from your brand assets to your audiences, data and customer information at the click of a button.


Create relevant and personalized messages easily with stunning templates, personalizations and content suggestions.


Engage effectively and drive sales using recommended automation sequences, audience segments and precise targeting.


Give your brand and voice a better home.

Easily import your brand assets so you can create on-brand designs using your brand colours, fonts and logo.

No manual imports, no code. Just based on your business email domain or website address we pull in you brand assets. Just like magic.

Our system gets to know your brand identity, then automatically and presents predesigned templates so you can spend time focusing on your message.


Enrich and rediscover your customer data.

Understand your customers and audience better, identify who is more likely to buy from you and personalize every single interaction.

When you connect with TinyEmail, we automatically suggest data connectors depending on your CMS, which CRM you are using and more so you don’t have to manually upload your data.

Our privacy-respecting data engine connects various sources of public-domain information and pieces together a view towards your customers you never had before. 

— coming soon

Predictive audiences and segments that actually work.

Personalize your marketing and reach audiences with predictive insights. TinyEmail applies big data to predicted demographics, segments and audiences so you can build campaigns that resonate.

From purchase behaviour

Have audiences created automatically based on past purchase data, conversion metrics and sales value. Connect with your audience segments based on what kind of buyers they are and how likely they are to purchase from you again. 

Demographic audiences

Get automatically predicted demographic information for audience layered with campaign engagement data and in-market interests to create highly relevant messages.

From your favourite integrations

Have new segments created for you with information and data pulled from tools you already use for your business. Create segments based on product and customer information like inventory status and anniversary dates.

— engage

Prebuilt sequences designed to drive engagement and sales.


Supercharge your marketing workflow with prebuilt automation sequences. From abandon-cart triggered emails to complex customer journeys, our sequence templates are build to deliver conversions.

Nurture customers

Create unique experiences for your customers based on who they are and how they interact with you.

Operate efficiently

Connect tools you use and set up automated workflows so you can spend less time on operations and more on marketing.

Sell intelligently

Welcome new subscribers, bring shoppers back to abandoned carts, or create custom follow-up processes.

Take the guesswork out of your data.

Creat, digestible data that's easy to monitor, discover trends, track performance, understand your audience and create better marketing campaigns.

Know what's driving sales and how you can optimize.

Track how customers go from clicks all the way to purchase. Know who is making a purchase, see what they are buying, and how much money your campaign have generated.

Dig into how your campaigns are performing.

Get real-time campaign data at your fingertips, so you can stay on top of your marketing campaigns at any time. Have the most important metrics surfaced in a single view. Observe how your contacts are moving through your automation sequences.

Understand your audience like never before.

Easily find out who is interacting with your messages and who purchased from you so you can create better content that resonates with your customers. Enhance your customer profile with big data and overlay demographic information to truly understand who you are marketing to.


Stunning messages. Minus the effort.

Not only hands-down the world's most feature-rich drag-and-drop email builder. Content blocks, hundreds or reusable modules, dynamic content and more.

A lot more than the world's best drag & drop email builder.

TinyEmail comes with an incredibly easy-to-use but feature-rich email template builder that lets you create stunning messages within minutes. Need to go deeper or import your own templates? A fully-functional code editor is just a tab away.

Supercharged emails with AMP out of the box.

Drive-up engagement and conversions from your campaigns with AMP for email built-in. Our email editor lets you create AMP-ready emails with advanced interactions like sliders, carousels and in-email interactions without having to write a single line of code.

— create

Look gorgeous with hundreds of predesigned templates

Our pre‑designed templates include all the content blocks and design elements you need to launch a professional‑looking campaign in minutes.


Multichannel email + SMS campaigns made easy

coming soon

Reach customers when and where they are most likely to engage with your messages with multi-channel campaigns.

Trigger messages on multiple channels at the same time.

Maximize your chances for conversions by increasing your touch points through email and SMS simultaneously.


Bring it all together.

Integrate with your favourite online tools and make TinyEmail your central communications and revenue generating powerhouse.

Get TinyEmail free.

Get started free with a plan that beat all others. Send up to 25,000 emails per month with unlimited contacts for free. Pay for advanced features or more email volume.



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