Send interactive messages that convert into sales

Connect your brand, build better relationships with your audience and drive more sales using personalized and interactive messaging.

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Mad Libs your marketing

Welcome to the marketing engine that just works. TinyEmail is like Mad Libs for marketing — tell us about your brand, pull in your audience data, and let us do the rest.


Connect stores across different platforms, import your brand assets and bring all your audience sources together.


Create stunning on-brand messages and visual assets in minutes instead of hours. Deliver a consistent brand experience.


Build better relationships by sending contextual and personalised content. Send the right message to the right people.


Market smarter in a more connected world.

TinyEmail automatically import your contacts, syncs your brand assets, picks up links to your store and builds out branded templates. So you can focus on what matters — messaging and generating sales.

Bring all your audiences and data sources together.

Your audience lives in different places — CRMs, your store, blog and newsletter subscribers, customer lists and more. Bring them all together and nurture them from one platform.

Effortless and automatic migrations

Using another email platform? We have built tools that help you migrate with minimal effort with one-click imports and advanced custom field matching. Get up and running within minutes.

Automatically integrate with tools that power your business.

TinyEmail automatically detects the most important tools you use and recommends one-click integrations with them so you get up and running in no time.

Sending on-brand messages has never been easier

Stay on brand and save hours of work every time you send out a new campaign. Import your brand and business information once and have all our messages tailored to you.

Import your web links once and use it everywhere

Your most important links imported and automatically embedded in all your message templates so you can focus on writing the right content and not creating hyperlinks.

Send on-brand messages every single time

TinyEmail takes your brand style and assigns it to a diverse array of email templates so you have something to send—branded to your business—for every occasion.


Create and send stunning messages without the hassle

Everything you need to create beautiful messages that drive up opens, increase engagement and generate sales. All without breaking a sweat by coding or having to use multiple other tools.

Drag and Drop your way to beautiful emails

Hands-down the most flexible and powerful email builder on the planet. Create fully responsive emails with drag and drop ease.

Import products into your emails with just a link

Rapidly create content-rich emails using a wide variety of pre-built modules like product cards that are already formatted for you.

Send interactive messages with AMP for email

Forget emails that look nice but doesn’t do much else. Include interactive elements like countdown timers, carousels, forms and more with native support for AMP.


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Make your brand shine with stunning email templates

Our 50+ (and growing) library of pre‑designed templates gives you all the content blocks and designs you need to launch a professional‑looking campaign in minutes.


Engage your audience with personalised, dynamic content

Deliver hyper-personalised messages that change in real-time, swaps out blocks with dynamic content, display customised views based on device and more.

Dynamic content that always displays the right message

Send messages that change based on context and pre-defined rules so your audience always sees the most relevant message.

Custom rules to deliver exactly what you want to show

Create your own custom fields, rules and display conditions to control your messages at the most granular levels. 

Drive more sales, collect feedback and grow your audience

Say goodbye to static emails. Drive engagement, interactions and actions without asking your audience to click through to another destination.

Up to 6x more interactions.

Not having your readers click through to conduct quick actions, you are likely to generate 6x more engagement through your messages.

Grow your audience

Include forms inside your emails and grow your audience by leveraging your loyal base.

Run surveys

Generate reviews, conduct surveys and gather customer feedback.

Sell more

With personalised and exclusive offers, deals and rewards for your most loyal customers.

Make informed decisions with actionable insights

TinyEmail puts your data to work for you so know what is working and what to do next at a glance.

More reasons to love TinyEmail

— integrations

We play nice with others

With a growing list of native integrations plus hundreds others through Zapier, you can connect the world to TinyEmail.

— tiny labs

We are just getting started

What’s next? After we help you connect, create and engage, the next big pitstop is automate. Plus a lot more.

— Unbeatable free plan

We come batteries included

All the power you need, for 25,000 emails per month and unlimited subscribers. Free for life. Beat that!


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