Craft perfect messages. Automate the rest.

TinyEmail™ lets marketers spend time on creating the perfect message by automating everything else that’s need to deliver targeted campaigns.

Up to 25,000 emails free. Unlimited contacts.

Grow your .

Mad Libs your marketing.

Fill in what matters most— your message. Let us provide you with the rest; from audiences to templates and automation sequences. Welcome to the marketing engine that just works.


Automatically connect your favourite apps, store front, CRM and website with one-click integrations to tools you already use.


Create beautiful and powerful messages with interactive features and stunning design without writing any code.


Engage with your audience with incredibly powerful personalization, dynamic content and data capture tools.


A more connected world for your business. So you can market smarter.

Easily import your contacts, sync your brand assets, links to your store and products with a single click. Save hours of work each time you send a message.

Bring all your audiences and data sources together.

TinyEmail makes the world way smaller. Connect to all your tools and audience sources and market to them from one convenient place.

One-click integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce and more. Plus connect with thousands of other platforms in seconds. No more switching between apps to message all your customers, subscribers and prospects. 

Migrating from other email and messaging platforms? Automatically import your data from common providers without ever having to export anything. 

Sending on-brand messages has never been easier.

Stay on brand and save hours of work every time you send out a new campaign. Import your brand and business information once and have all our messages tailored to your brand.

Ready-to-use links

Your most important web links automatically detected and imported to TinyEmail so you don't have to specifiy the same destination each time.

Your brand - like magic

Import your brand assets — your logo, custom colours, and fonts and see them applied across all your messages.

Branded templates

Your store, your website, CRM and all your apps automatically detected and integrated at the click of a button.


We have redefined what email can do.

Creating stunning, responsive and interactive messages should not take hours or knowing how to code. Reimagine what email can do for your business.

Hands down the most powerful email editor on the planet.

Packed with exclusive features, our email editor is hands-down the most powerful and intuitive one that you’ll ever come across.

Magically import products into your email with just a link.

Directly import your products into your emails with a single link. Swap images, customize links and transform your email into a catelogue.

Implement powerful interactive blocks into your messages without touching any code. 

Pick and choose from an ever growing library of beautiful and useful interactive elements like sliders, forms and calendars.



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Hand crafted templates that look stunning on all devices.

Our design team hand-crafts stunning email templates that are tailored to your brand. And we are adding more templates into our ever-growing library.


Build better connections and generate more revenue.

Personalization, dynamic content and automatic audiences built-in. Engage with your audience like never before and generate more revenue.

One email, many forms.

Don’t duplicate your work for small changes. Display Conditions allow you to set custom rules for virtually any part of your message so that you can show your audience exactly what they need to see.

Segment and message.

Create precise targeting segments based on the audience data you import. Combine different data sources, apply filters and create custom rules so you can message exactly who you want to.

Your messages should be anything but static.

Supercharge your communications by customizing what your audience is reading in real time. Withought creating multple variations of the same message.


Drive engagement and action before an email is opened.

Take advantage of promotional annotations on Gmail so your audience can see your offers even before they open their emails. Drive-up open rates, conversions, and sales right from the inbox.


Show or hide content based on where your messages are opened.

Design the perfect experience for your audience no matter where they open their emails by showing or hiding specific content blocks based on the device an email is opened in.

Data capture

Drive action and capture information within your emails.

Capture user inputs such as form submissions, reviews and survey rating data all within the email and sync the data directly with your CRM, Google Sheets and more.

Forms and bookings

Embed actionable forms, receive bookings or generate leads from right inside your emails and instantly sync submitted data.


Quickly gather user feedback or gauge interest in your new product. Transfer received data directly to a tool of your choice.


Improve your brand and service experience by generating more reviews since your customers won’t have to ever leave the email.

More reasons to love TinyEmail.

We play real nice with others.

With hundreds of native and third-party integrations, you’ll always find the app you’d want to connect to.

We are only getting started.

Join the TinyEmail tribe. We are building tools that marketers like you use to do what matters — send messages that drive revenue.

Start engaging with your audience.

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