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Term: Unsubscribe

Definition of the term "Unsubscribe"

Unsubscribing from an email list is when a user requests to have their email address removed from a company’s database. Unsubscribes can happen for a variety of reasons, including finding the content of the emails irrelevant, receiving too many emails within a short span of time, or believing the emails to be spam. In some cases, users may unsubscribe because they did not originally sign up for the newsletter. No matter the reason, companies are legally required to honor unsubscribe requests.

There are a few ways that companies can handle unsubscribes. They can manually remove the email address from their list, they can send a confirmation email to make sure the user wants to be removed, or they can use an automated system. Some companies also take this opportunity to survey their users and find out why they decided to unsubscribe in order to improve their future newsletters. No matter what method a company chooses, it’s important to respect the user’s decision and remove their address from the email list.

Quick Tip About Unsubscribe

1. Keep your customers from unsubscribing by designing an unsubscribe page that is user-friendly and tells them the perks of keeping their subscriptions. 2. Add a sign up button on the unsubscribe form so that customers can easily sign up again if they change their mind. 3. Offer your customers options to change the frequency of emails, so they can receive them according to their own schedule.

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