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Term: Transactional Email

Definition of the term "Transactional Email"

Transactional email is best defined as a message that has been sent as a result of an event or action. transactional emails are usually transactional in nature, meaning that they are generated based on something the recipient did (or didn’t do). For example, a transactional email might be sent when someone signs up for a newsletter, when someone makes a purchase, or when someone abandons their shopping cart. While transactional emails can be promotional in nature, they are typically not intended to sell something. Instead, they are intended to provide information or trigger some sort of action on the part of the recipient. Because of this, transactional emails often have high open and click-through rates. If you’re looking to improve your email marketing strategy, transactional emails are a great place to start.

Quick Tip About Transactional Email

1. Transactional emails are sent as soon as possible, so the user knows that their query has been received and is being actioned. 2. The sender's name is included in the email, so the user knows who they are corresponding with. 3. The body of the email includes an answer to the customer's query, so they do not have to wait for a response.

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