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Term: Autoresponder

Definition of the term "Autoresponder"

An autoresponder is a marketing tool that sends an automated email to a recipient after they’ve performed a specific action. For example, if someone signs up for a newsletter on your website, you can use an autoresponder to send them a welcome email. Autoresponders are a valuable way to stay in touch with customers and prospects, and they can also help you to generate leads and sales. In addition, autoresponders can be used to send out coupons, discount codes, and other promotional offers. If you’re not using an autoresponder in your business, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool.

Quick Tip About Autoresponder

1. Keep your subscribers entertained and engaged with humorous or personal autoresponders. 2. Add value to your emails by sending out content that is actually useful to your subscribers. 3. Test everything before you send it out, so that you can be sure that your autoresponders are effective and getting the results you want.

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