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How to Email a Folder in Outlook Live and Microsoft 365

Folders are just one of the many things you can send in an email if you have an Outlook account. In this guide, we’ll teach you how best to email a folder with Outlook.

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How to Email a Folder in Outlook Live and Microsoft 365

Emailing a folder is a convenient way to send someone many different types of files all at once. Once they open the folder, they’ll have all the information they need in one, easy-to-access place. This eliminates the clutter of multiple attachments and naming customs required to make it clear what sequence each file should be viewed in. 

This is not a feature offered for every email provider, however, and there are two methods within Outlook. Let’s explore how to properly email a folder with Outlook:

Method One: Email the Folder as an Attachment

You can email the folder as an attachment that the recipient can then open and view. However, attaching an entire folder is not the same thing as attaching a photo or a PDF file. Before you can attach the folder, you’ll need to compress it. Otherwise, the email provider will not accept it as an attachable format and the size of the folder itself may go over the limitations.

To compress the folder, simply go to your file explorer on your desktop and right click (control-click for Mac) the folder you want to send. Hover over ‘Send to’ and then click ‘Compressed (zipped) folder.’ Once the file is done being compressed, it will appear in your file explorers.

To attach the compressed folder to an email in Outlook Live and the paid version of Outlook, Microsoft 365, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Outlook Live and sign in.
  2. Click ‘New mail’ at the top left to compose a new email.
  3. Click the paperclip icon at the top menu bar. Depending on the version of Microsoft 365 you have, you may need to click the insert tab before seeing this option.
  4. Choose the compressed folder from your computer files.
  5. Click on the compressed folder.
  6. Wait for it to upload.
  7. Input the recipient details and add a subject line.
  8. Send the email as usual.

Keep in mind that the recipient will need to decompress the folder in order to view the files once they download it. Most operating systems provide this option as a default.

Method Two: Email a Link to the Folder

If the folder contains extremely large files, Outlook Live may have trouble sending it, even if it’s compressed. If this is the case, you can upload the folder to Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, and then send a link to the folder in the email. The recipient can then follow this link to access the files, view them, or download them. 

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