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tinyEmail Launches Native Shopify App

tinyEmail launches the only fully native email marketing app for Shopify so businesses can message their audiences without ever leaving their storefront.

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tinyEmail Shopify Native App is live on the app store.

The native tinyEmail app is now live on the Shopify App Store! Give your business the tinyEmail edge today. See what you can do with tinyEmail for Shopify

Let’s go through what the app does, how it is different from other email marketing tools out there and how you can most benefit from it.


If you are an existing user of tinyEmail, here are some helpful guides to get you up and running with the app in no time. 

What is native and why is it important?

A native Shopify app is a tool that operates entirely from within the Shopify interface. This means that you can use the app in its full functionality without ever having to leave Shopify. 

This presents a number of very useful features like seeing all your customer data flow through, creating interactive emails from within Shopify, measuring traffic and sales conversions and above all, saving a ton of time because you do not have to keep switching between apps.

tinyEmail + Shopify. All the things you can now do better

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tinyEmail looks to significantly change your customer messaging workflow whether you are sending promotional emails, nurturing your customers through newsletters or reactivating lost sales by offering them limited-time deals. Here’s what you can do better with the Shopify + tinyEmail native integration.

Instant, effortless integration

Getting started with the tinyEmail Shopify app is quite literally only logging into your account and toggling the Shopify integration button to “Connect”. We take care of all the rest for you. 

tinyEmail picks up your store details, your branding, customer and subscriber data and creates your audience and branded templates. 

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Measure traffic and sales from email

One of the key benefits of using tinyEmail is that it automatically tracks the traffic and transactions coming from your messages so you can measure the true impact of your marketing campaigns on sales and revenue. 

Every message going out to your audience is automatically tracked with UTM parameters and you have to do nothing other than checking the reports inside Shopify. 

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On-brand emails, everytime

Gone are the days of creating branded templates each time you want to send a campaign. tinyEmail’s Brand Kit automatically detects your brand assets asks for your social media links and creates a collection of very versatile branded templates for you. All automatically and within seconds of you creating a new account. 

Need to make changes? Alter your Brand Kit information and your branded templates automatically adapt to your new guidelines. 

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Send stunning, interactive emails

Welcome to the world’s most powerful and intuitive email builder. Create stunning, 100% responsive and interactive emails within Shopify using the tinyEmail app. Add dynamic content, save and reuse content blocks, add interactive elements like carousels and countdown timers and a lot more without having to write code. 

Don’t hate code or need to import HTML templates, our in-built code editor lets you create templates easily from stratch.

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Along with the Drag & Drop editor, you also have access to a growing library of beautifully designed, modern email templates that will make your brand shine.

Get the tinyEmail Shopify app.

Start using the tinyEmail native Shopify app by installing it from the Shopify App Store. Login to your account and start communicating and marketing smarter. Need an account? Sign up for a free account. Check out our plans

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