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Top 41 Catchy Email Subject Lines for Holiday Messages to Your Employees

Friendly, professional, and encouraging of great company culture; here are the best email subject lines to use when cheering up the office during the holidays.

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Top 41 Catchy Email Subject Lines for Holiday Messages to Your Employees

Sending holiday emails can be a great way to express appreciation and gratitude toward employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. This serves as an opportunity to wish them well and encourage them to take some time off to rest and recharge during the holiday season. These emails can also provide important information about the company’s holiday schedule and any related policies or procedures.

If you need ideas for subject lines to make that company holiday email you write shine, check out the following suggestions:

Holiday Email Subject Lines for Appreciation

The email subject lines below are great if the email you intend on sending is mostly to show your gratitude toward your hardworking employees. These subject lines capture the overall message of the email and will boost employee morale as the year comes to a close.

  1. A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Hardworking Employees This Holiday Season
  2. Celebrating the Holidays by Appreciating Our Amazing Employees
  3. Showing Our Gratitude to the [Company Name] Team This Holiday Season
  4. Happy Holidays to Our Incredible Employees: Thank You for Everything You Do!
  5. Our Appreciation for Your Dedication and Hard Work This Holiday Season
  6. Wishing Happy Holidays to Our Exceptional Employees – Thank You!
  7. Celebrating the Season with Appreciation for Our Amazing Employees
  8. Saying Thank You to Our Outstanding Employees This Holiday Season
  9. Honoring Our Dedicated and Valued Employees This Holiday Season
  10. Sending Warm Wishes and Gratitude to Our Incredible Employees This Holiday Season

Holiday Email Subject Lines to Wish Employees a Happy Holidays

If you only want to be festive and wish your employees a happy holidays, use these subject lines:

  1. Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes from [Company Name]
  2. Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season from [Company Name]
  3. Celebrating the Holidays with a Message of Joy and Happiness
  4. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [Company Name]
  5. Enjoy the Festive Season with Your [Company Name] Family
  6. Happy Holidays! Relax and Recharge During This Wonderful Time of Year
  7. Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season Filled with Love and Laughter
  8. Celebrate the Magic of the Season with [Company Name]’s Holiday Wishes
  9. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Happy Holidays from [Company Name]
  10. Sending Warm and Festive Wishes to Our Amazing Employees This Holiday Season

Holiday Email Subject Lines for Internal Company Changes During The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, there may be changes within the company that you want your employees to know about. If you’d prefer that they read the email right away, then your subject line needs to convey the urgency and importance of the message. Here are some ideas:

  1. Changes to Our Holiday Schedule: What You Need to Know
  2. Important Updates for the Holiday Season
  3. Company Holiday Hours: Adjustments for the Festive Season
  4. How [Company Name] is Adapting for the Holiday Season
  5. Our Plan for the Holiday Season: A Message to Our Employees
  6. Holiday Updates: What You Need to Know to Prepare
  7. Changes to Our Business Operations During the Holidays
  8. Preparing for the Holidays: [Company Name]’s Approach and Changes
  9. Adapting for the Holiday Season: A Message from [Company Name]
  10. Holiday Season Changes at [Company Name]: What to Expect

General Holiday Subject Lines for Emails to Employees

The following subject lines are still festive, but they’re more general than the ones above. Use them for inspiration in case you need to send more than one holiday email throughout your company.

  1. Happy Holidays from [Company Name]
  2. Celebrate the Season with [Company Name]
  3. Cheers to the Holiday Season!
  4. Special Holiday Greetings from [Company Name]
  5. A Festive Message from the [Company Name] Team
  6. [Company Name] Sends Best Wishes for the Holidays!
  7. Happy Holidays from the [Company Name] Family
  8. Wishing You a Bright and Happy Holiday Season
  9. Season’s Greetings from [Company Name]
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [Company Name]
  11. Wishing You All the Best this Holiday Season

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