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Ultimate Tips for Great Welcome Emails

How to make your welcome emails stellar for deeper engagement, more conversions and better connections with your brand new subscribers.

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How you can make your welcome emails stellar.

Welcome emails are one of the most important first interactions a brand has with its customers. The first few emails you send out to new subscribers determine how they remember you and sets the tone for the rest of their relationship with you. It is critical to take the necessary time to craft that perfect welcome message. Your goal to convince your audience that you are worth their time, attention, and trust.

There are many different elements that can go into your first welcome message to your new subscribers. This may vary with your industry and the type of product or service you sell. However, there are some core guiding principles that we share with you here that are very much universal. A welcome email often includes one or more of the following elements that enhance your message and creates that crucial first positive impression.

These are a few of the most important pieces of a great welcome email. We’ll break these down these further toady.

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A welcome email we love from Fluer & Bee

The effectiveness of welcome emails.

Welcome emails are highly effective in increasing email open and engagement rates. On an average, they have over 90% open rates and an average of 27% click through rates – four times higher than any other marketing email. Their effectiveness towards driving conversions are 86% more effective than standard newsletters. Welcome emails are a must have if you want to onboard your new subscribers into a service, or introduce to them your product line.  

The importance of timing.

75% of people expect to receive a welcome email immediately after they subscribe to your list. If they delay by just a day, this number drops to 13%, and after three days, it falls to just 5%.


When it comes to welcome emails, time is of supreme essence. When done on time and optimized, these simple emails can boost revenue by as much as 30%.

How Welcome Emails Can Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Aside welcome emails being the first interaction you have with your audience, it is also a great tool for maximizing your marketing efforts. Think about it, welcome emails have the highest open rates among marketing emails and they are the one set of emails customers actually expect. It makes sense to use them to market your brand, if you ask me. Let’s dive into how you can do this.

Introduce your brand to your new subscriber

Welcome emails are the best way to introduce your brand to a new subscriber. It’s an opportunity to share the history of your company, what you do and what you intend to accomplish in the future. That’s your vision.


People love a good story and like to associate with brands when they feel that they can relate to the mission, vision and goals. Talk about your company’s story and what inspired it. You will often find that customers share the same points and that is why they are looking to your brand for a solution.

Set the tone for future communication & choices

Welcome emails also set the tone for what your customers should expect from you. Once subscribers know exactly what they are receiving from you, it is easier for them to interact with your emails. As welcome emails have the highest open rates, it’s a great opportunity to prepare your audience for what to expect from you. 


A great example is James Clear’s 3-2-1 email format below. The brand makes it clear to their audience that every week, they will receive 3 ideas, 2 quotes and 1 question to consider. It’s straight to the point and his subscribers know exactly what they are getting each week.

welcome to brightly
3 2 1 Thursday Quote

With new-age dynamic emails that support in-email  interactive AMP components like forms and surveys, you can set individual subscriber preferences without ever asking your reader to leave the inbox. This can significantly boost engagements. tinyEmail comes with AMP features built right in.

Make a great introductory offer

The welcome email is also a great place to make a great introductory offer. Welcome your subscribers with a one-time discount or special price for your service as a thank you. These deals and offers tend to work significantly better than generic offers that you would send further down a subscriber’s journey with you. Supergoop does a great job if this. 

welcome to the bright side

Help your subscribers on their journey

Use welcome emails to tell your new subscribers what they should be doing next with your product or service. Depending on what your business does, there are many ways to go about this. If you want to create more brand awareness, you can highlight on your purpose and highlight how you differ from your competitors. Introduce them to your help articles, your blog or send a special video explaining what is that you do and why your subscribers should care about your brand.

Keep it simple but memorable.

Keep your copy and design clutter-free and aligned with the goal of your welcome email. Be sure not to overwhelm them with a paradox of choice.


Your email must look clean and have straightforward call to actions that lead the subscriber towards your intended goal. If you have a lot of information to share, consider breaking them down into a series of emails.

Don't forget that unsubscribe link.

You must always add an unsubscribe link to your welcome email. Just as users willingly entered your email list, some may want to leave for reasons best known to them. It is a legal requirement that you need to provide unsubscribe links to your emails to prevent spam. Most email service providers like tinyEmail will include the link for you by default, however, it is your duty to check that the unsubscribe link is always included and they work as intended. 



If you are worried about keeping your unsubscribe numbers down, try segmenting users based on their preferences to allow them receive content they actually like.

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Ask to follow on social media and and introduce your brand to their friends

Welcome emails are the perfect medium to introduce your social channels and referral programs for your brand. You can entice your subscribers to share your brand with their friends and family by incentivising them. Encourage your readers to refer your product to your team members in their welcome email series. 

Wrapping it up

The first impression is and always will remain the most critical interaction you will have with your new subscriber. Treat this opportunity with a lot of love, craft your message to reflect your brand, give them a special something for deciding to give you their attention, and most imporantly, respect their choices.

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