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What Does Email Flagging Do?

Ever wonder what that red flag next to your email does? Here’s how you can use the flagging feature to optimize your to-do list and increase productivity.

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What Does Email Flagging Do

While going through your email inbox, you may notice a little flag icon next to individual messages. When you click on this icon, the flag turns red and the email gets flagged, sometimes with a tab popping up to notify you of this. 

What does this mean, exactly? Flagging an email simply marks it, so you remember to get back to it later. Seeing that red flag is a visual reminder that you need to do a task related to the email, such as:

  • Reply to it
  • Unsubscribe to the service
  • Read it
  • Archive it
  • Print it
  • Forward it to someone

When you flag an email, depending on your provider, it may get sent to your “to do” inbox or your “tasks” inbox. It doesn’t actually remove it from the inbox it originally dropped into, but you will still be able to see it in the chosen inbox where flagged emails go.

Can You Flag An Email In Gmail?

Flagging an email in Gmail is a little different from other email providers, like Outlook. Instead of flagging an email, you star it. To view all your starred emails in one place, you can find them in your “starred” inbox. 

If you wish to “unflag” or “unstar” the email, you can simply click the same button you used originally. This will remove the mark, take it out of the designated folder, and return it to being a simple email.

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