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Term: Blacklist

Definition of the term "Blacklist"

A blacklist, is a compiled list of email domains that has sent Spam. These lists help inform Email Service Providers know which emails to block to keep user’s inboxes safe from hostile emails. Blacklists are used by Email Service Providers (ESPs) as one method of filtering incoming emails for spam, malware, and other types of email that users generally don’t want to see in their inboxes. Blacklisting can happen to anyone – even large companies with good intentions. It’s important to know how blacklists work and what you can do if your domain ends up on one. When an email is sent from a blacklisted domain, it is automatically blocked by the ESP.

If your domain is blacklisted, you will need to submit a delisting request to have it removed. However, this does not guarantee that your domain will be removed from the blacklist. In order to avoid being blacklisted, it’s important to follow best practices for email marketing, such as using double opt-in forms and keeping your contact list up-to-date. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your emails are less likely to be considered spam by ESPs.

Quick Tip About Blacklist

1. Keep your mailing list clean and free of invalid email addresses. 2. Reduce the number of hard bounces, and improve your deliverability rate. 3. Follow anti-spam laws to avoid being blacklisted by mailbox providers.

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