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Term: Direct Email Marketing

Definition of the term "Direct Email Marketing"

Direct email marketing is a tool that should be in every business’s marketing arsenal. Direct email marketing is when an email is sent to target audience in order to communicate a completely promotional message. These messages look like web-based ads instead of an email message. The main aim of direct email marketing is to make the customer-client relationship firmer and also sell goods and services. Direct email marketing can be used to segment customers based on their buying habits, which allows businesses to send targeted emails that are more likely to be opened and read by the recipients. Direct email marketing can be an extremely effective way to boost sales and build customer loyalty, so it’s definitely worth considering for your business.

Quick Tip About Direct Email Marketing

1. Increase your response rate - customers are more likely to reply to an ad that catches their attention and compels them to act. 2. Keep your content interesting and up-to-date - Dull, stagnant ads will lose the customer's attention. 3. Have a clear CTA - Don't make your customer guess what you want them to do. 4. Stand out from the competition - Use compelling visuals, headlines and copy in order to stand out from other emails in the customer's inbox

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