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Term: Merge Fields

Definition of the term "Merge Fields"

Merge fields are a great way to personalize emails, especially on a large scale. Essentially, merge fields are variables that you can insert into your email text. These variables will then be replaced with the corresponding information from your contact list. For example, if you have a merge field for [Contact.First Name], this will be replaced with the first name of each contact that receives the email. Merge fields are a great way to add a personal touch to your emails without having to write each one individually. Additionally, merge fields can be used for any information that you have on your contacts, not just names. merge fields are a powerful tool that can help you create more engaging and effective emails.

Quick Tip About Merge Fields

1. Test the merge fields to be sure that the information is being pulled correctly and that your audience is seeing the personalized content you intend for them to see. 2. Use A/B testing on different types of personalization to determine which variation works best for your audience and increase conversions as a result.

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