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Term: Reactivation Email

Definition of the term "Reactivation Email"

A reactivation email is an email sent to a subscriber who has not been opening your email or interacting with your business for at least three months. The goal of a reactivation email is to encourage the subscriber to begin engaging with your content again. To do this, reactivation emails typically include special offers or exclusive content that is designed to spark the interest of the subscriber. In some cases, reactivation emails may also include a survey that can help you to understand why the subscriber stopped engaging with your content in the first place. By sending reactivation emails, you can keep your subscribers engaged with your brand and reduce the likelihood of them churning.

Quick Tip About Reactivation Email

1. Keep your subscribers engaged by sending them interesting offers along with their reactivation email. 2. Convince them to stay by giving a compelling reason to do so. 3. Include a link in your reactivation email for updating preferences, so that they can continue receiving the kind of content they want from you.

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