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Term: Welcome Email

Definition of the term "Welcome Email"

Welcome emails are the first email a user or customer receives after signing up. For many businesses, it is the first interaction between the business and the user. Welcome emails give subscribers a little bit of information about the business and what to expect from them. Welcome emails can have a video, or special discounts for the new user. Subscribers just agreed to hear from you, so it is a great opportunity to let them adjust their preferences for hearing from you. Welcome emails also provide social media links for the new user to follow. Welcome emails are a series of email that help new users get started with a product or service. They often include onboarding content, like how-to guides and troubleshooting tips. Welcome emails help businesses reduce churn and improve customer retention rates.

Quick Tip About Welcome Email

1. Get a customer's attention quickly by providing a gift or discount for their first purchase. 2. Send your welcome email as soon as possible after someone signs up - don't make them wait! 3. Make sure your welcome email stands out from the rest of your emails, with an eye-catching design and powerful messaging.

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