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Best form tools to pair with TinyEmail

TinyEmail focuses on giving you the tools needed to send stunning, interactive messages. Here are our favourite form building tools that pair very nicely with TinyEmail.

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Forms are essential to any business with a digital presence. Be it your storefront on Shopify or WooCommerce, your service business website, your online publication, you need forms to do a variety of things — from running surveys to growing your subscriber base. 

Why we recommend dedicated form building tools

At TinyEmail, we have a simple philosophy; we live in a connected world and it’s silly to force people to do all their marketing all from one system. It’s called bloat and we talked about it here. Instead, we believe in creating easy integrations while doing one thing extremely well and this is creating and sending stunning interactive messages

And here are our pick of the best form tools out there to pair with TinyEmail and why we love them.

1. Typeform

Typeform is what really gave legs the concept of conversational forms and we are a big fan of it. Asking contextually and nicely is half the work done already. Typeform transforms what normally is a stack of questions into a naturally flowing interactive experience. 

Connect TinyEmail with Typeform.

2. Jotform

Jotform is like your Swiss army knife for forms. They have a huge array of templates to choose from that suit your specific needs, like collecting orders to event registrations. 

Connect TinyEmail with Jotform.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is your way to go if triggered forms are what you are looking for. Sure they also let you embed forms on your website or landing page but they really shine when it comes to showing an opt-in form based on rules and triggers. Hence the name! 

Connect TinyEmail with OptinMonster.

4. Gravity Forms

If you run on WordPress, there are a ton of choices, like it’s said, “there’s a plugin for that”. We personally love Gravity Forms. A robust list of features, easy enough to design and implement and way less finicky than many other WordPress plugins out there. Note: TinyEmail connects natively with WordPress.

Connect TinyEmail with Gravity Forms.

5. Google Forms

If you want quick and ugly (pun intended), there’s always Google Forms. It’s simple, comes free with all Google accounts and does a decent job of collecting basic information in a simple way. Embedding a Google form is easy enough but you have very limited design freedom making it next to impossible for you to make it look like a part of your website or landing page. Having said that, the infrastructure is reliable, coming from Google. 

Connect TinyEmail with Google Forms.

Website and landing page builders

Not always will you need to use a dedicated form builder. Most modern website and landing page platforms come with their own basic forms. We have linked just a few of the popular ones here:

Connect natively with Shopify and WordPress

For businesses that run on Shopify, WooCommerce or general WordPress, which would be over 7 million eCommerce stores and over 1.3 billion websites, TinyEmail connects natively with them. Meaning no extra cost or the need for another tool. 

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