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Term: Double Opt-In

Definition of the term "Double Opt-In"

Double opt-in is a system designed to help protect email subscribers from unwanted email communications. When a business uses double opt-in, they first ask the subscriber for their permission to send emails. Once the subscriber has confirmed their email address, the business then sends a second email asking the subscriber to confirm their subscription. Only after the subscriber has confirmed their subscription a second time will they begin receiving email communications from the business. This system helps to ensure that only those who have explicitly expressed an interest in receiving email communications from a business will receive them. As a result, it helps to reduce spam and protect email subscribers from unwanted email communications.

Quick Tip About Double Opt-In

1. Increase engagement rates with customized and engaging content in your confirmation email. 2. Provide incentives for users to confirm their email addresses and complete the opt-in process. 3. Optimize your "nearly there" and "thank you" pages for better conversion rates.

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