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Term: Email Automation

Definition of the term "Email Automation"

Automation is a feature that allows marketers to create emails and set them up to send without having to do it manually each time. This can be based on a time, such as sending an email every Monday at 9am, or it can be based on an action, such as when someone subscribes to a newsletter. Automation is beneficial because it makes email marketing more efficient, saving marketers time and money. It can also be used for any type of email, although some types of email make more sense to automate than others. Automation can be used when someone doesn’t complete a desired action, such as when a customer abandons their shopping cart. Using this to send anniversary or birthday emails with discounts or a gift is also a common use. Automation is a helpful tool that can make email marketing more effective and efficient.

Quick Tip About Email Automation

1. Tailor your content to segments in your email list for a more customized experience. 2. Test different sending times and frequencies to see what works best for your customers. 3. Continuously analyze the results of your automated emails to ensure that they are still providing value.

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