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Term: Soft Bounce

Definition of the term "Soft Bounce"

When an email doesn’t reach the inbox of a recipient because of a temporary issue, it’s called a soft bounce. Soft bounces can happen for a few reasons. Maybe the recipient’s inbox is down temporarily, or the server is down. It can also happen if file sizes are too heavy. Soft bounces aren’t always bad for the sender, though. Usually, in case of a soft bounce, delivery will be re-attempted in a few days by the Email Service Provider. Soft bounces can become harmful if the recipient continues to bounce many times in a row, though. Email addresses that continue to bounce can be damaging to your sender reputation and deliverability. Those emails should be cleaned from the mailing lists regularly.

Quick Tip About Soft Bounce

1. Double opt-in helps to reduce email bounce rate and keep your mailing list healthy. 2. Use of correct words, grammar, and syntax eliminates the chances of your email looking like spam. 3. Reducing attachment size increases the chance of your email reaching its destination.

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