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Term: User-Generated Content

Definition of the term "User-Generated Content"

User generated content- anything created by unpaid consumers or customers- has become increasingly popular, especially among marketing target audiences like millennials. User generated content (UGC) is often found on social media platforms, websites, and photosharing platforms. It can take the form of videos, images, text, or audio recordings. From a marketing perspective, UGC is beneficial because it establishes trust between a company and its potential customers. UGC also helps to increase user engagement and followers. In other words, UGC can play a big role in the improvement of the product. Consequently, more and more companies are encouraging users to generate content about their products or services. For example, many companies now run social media campaigns that incentivize users to post about their products using specific hashtags. User generated content is an effective marketing tool because it is authentic and engaging. As we move into the future, we can expect to see even more companies leveraging the power of UGC.vised to use this feature. On one hand it’s a great marketing strategy since it’s AUTHENTIC but on the other hand some people are getting PAID to do this which kind of takes away from the raw/organic feel to it.

Quick Tip About User-Generated Content

1. Get the exact content you need from customers by engaging them. 2. Create a community of customers and collaborators. 3. Use various platforms to get the best content for your company

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