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Changes to tinyEmail Pricing and segments!

Announcing our upcoming pricing change and sneak peak into segments launching next week.

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Changes come to tinyEmail pricing.

It’s often said that change is the only constant. Since tinyEmail launched to the public in September of 2021, a lot has changed. We created tinyEmail with a very clear vision — to give marketers the tools, time and resources to focus on what matters most; delivering their brand message. We talk about it in our post, One Tiny Step, One Giant Leap

Thousands of you have joined us in this journey and helped shape tinyEmail into what it is today. During this period, we rapidly evolved, introducing new features, tools and functionality almost every week. Our current free-forever plan is the industry’s most generous one, giving our users 25,000 free emails per month and unlimited subscribers.

Our intention with this plan was to break the price monopoly that larger email marketing providers have over the market today. And we succeeded to a great degree. We helped hundreds of growing businesses the scale they needed to grow without hurting their revenue lines. 

Unfortunately, such a generous free plan inadvertently attracted bad actors who attempted to game the system and send unsavoury emails. Our security and automated anti-spam systems stopped every such attempt and kept honest businesses safe. 

On the other hand, our special free plan was also created for a special group who we call the Founding 1,000; the first thousand users who trusted us when we were the newest kid on the block.

To better serve our next generation of customers, make tinyEmail more accessible to businesses of all sizes and keep our systems safe for everyone to use, we are introducing new pricing plans starting Monday, April 11th, 2022. Details of which will be updated on the day. Our new plans will start at $15 for 15,000 emails per month and still unlimited subscribers. 

Full-featured free trials.

We are introducing full-featured 30-day trials. New users will be able to try out tinyEmail without any feature limits for a full month before they are asked to choose a plan.

Free-forever plans are still here.

We stay true to our mission of being accessible to businesses of all sizes. We will continue to have a free-for-life plan with a subscriber limit of 500 and 15,000 emails per month. This will still allow most early-stage businesses to connect with their audiences every single day of the month. The free plan will only be available as an option after the 30-day trial. 

The Founding 1,000.

The Founding 1000 are a special group of people who supported us in our earliest days and we are honouring these amazing businesses with a special option to keep their current free-forever plans. Details of which we have shared with you over email. 

You asked, we are delivering: Segments coming to tinyEmail next week.

Our product roadmap (check out TinyLabs) reflects this mission clearly and is captured in this abstract view of our development journey. And we have exciting new launches coming soon. But before that, a little more context on how we approach our product roadmap. 

At the core of our development philosophy are you, our customers. Your feedback guides us and tells us what our priorities should be. Our roadmap is divided into three core areas:

Audience tools: To better understand and segment your audience. 

Automation: To make marketing way easier

Omnichannel: Enable you to reach your audience through all channels.

tinyemail labs

On TinyLabs, you can get an accurate sense of where we are with our roadmap. Here, you’ll notice the progress we have made within the audience tools section. Specifically around segmentation which is launching next week along with the updates to our pricing. 

tiny audience tools

Sneak peak into audience segmentation.

With custom segments, you will now be able to use your data to create unique groups of subscribers and tailor your messages to them. Just some of the data that will be available to you are campaign engagement, lifetime value, audience sources, purchase data and more. 

Here’s a peak: 

That’s enough updates for today! From the entire tinyEmail team, have a fantastic weekend! 

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